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We have been expertly handling accident and personal injury claims for over 25 years. Suffering an injury where you are not at fault can be extremely traumatic and stressful. Our team can offer you advice and solutions in straightforward and understandable language. We can efficiently determine whether you are eligible for compensation and take all appropriate actions on your behalf. If you have a case, you may be able to claim compensation for many factors, including medical expenses, loss of earnings and physical or emotional damages.

Accidents & Personal Injuries

Following an accident involving serious personal injuries and financial loss, you need effective, efficient and experienced legal representation.

We have extensive experience in accident litigation and can deal with all aspects of your claim.

Insurance Companies are shameless in trying to paint all claims as fraudulent and trying to wriggle out of responsibility. We find that people who try to deal directly with insurance companies end up short-changed. With motor-damage claims, Insurance Companies almost never pay the actual cost of your loss – relying on the so-called “book value” of cars which is substantially less than the actual market value. If you are not at fault, then you should not suffer any loss. We have, on many occasions, represented people who are so disappointed with what Insurance Companies are prepared to pay for car damage, that they decide they must bring a personal injury claim in respect of injuries which they would otherwise have endured (without making a claim) to make up for their losses.

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Where serious injuries occur, we can organise quick referrals to medical specialists so that you receive appropriate treatment without long delay. We have immediate access to a range of specialists including Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeons. We also regularly refer accident victims to Chartered Physiotherapists, Occupational & Vocational Therapists and Consulting Actuaries where complicated loss of earnings calculations are required.

In many accidents, whether at work or on the roads, it is essential to get an Engineer on the scene to prepare a report. We are highly efficient in making all such arrangements for you and it’s very important that you contact us as soon as possible following an accident.